The Work-From-Home Dilemma; Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Equilibrium

A lot of us understood at the start of the pandemic that the work-from-home routine is not going to be an easy one to follow. For the few of those who thought that it might be sunshine and rainbows, things might have become a bit more clear now- working from home is not as easy and relaxing as it sounds.

Working from the comfort of your home has proved to be quite unproductive for many (like me). It has made work seem a lot harder and also, your personal life is most probably taking a hit too.

Although all hope is not lost as I am going to bring you guys to speed with some ways in which you can easily keep up productivity and not face the demons like lethargy.

Trust me these are all tried & tested.

Don’t start your day with work

It’s quite evident that many of us get up just minutes before an early online meeting or simply open their laptop in bed to follow up on work the first thing in the morning. This is, however, the perfect recipe for a groggy and lazy day.

The first few activities after getting up should not be even remotely related to work. Make yourself breakfast, freshen up and then sit down to check on your work.

Trust me, this will increase your focus and productivity from that very day.

Make a schedule

Remember, this is not your office. You do not have a manager hovering over your head like a vulture. You are not here to follow some boring office rules.

You do however have deadlines at work. It would greatly help to make a schedule or a timetable which you can follow. This timetable is made by you, for you and hence you will be happy to follow it, which you should be .

This will help increase productivity and will also let you take out enough personal time.

Keep taking breaks

There are obviously some perks when you’re working from home. For starters, your manager or boss is not constantly pestering you to go back to your station to work.

That means you can keep taking strategized breaks for improving overall performance without being answerable to anyone.

Without these breaks not only will you feel lethargic and tired, but you will also be able to do your chores.

Don’t forget some fresh air

Constant exposure to fresh air is important to feel light and cheerful. Being light and cheerful in turn helps in performing better at work. Step out onto your balcony or just walk in your driveway or society.

Being locked up for too long with the pressures of work will only end up ruining your mood and maybe also the presentation you were working on.

Take leaves

When things were normal you had to take a leave to stay home and be away from work. Now just because you are working from home does not mean that leaves aren’t going to be a thing. You will still need to stay, take a day off and just relax in the comfort of your home.

No need to stress yourself out and increase the chances of messing up something.

Every person is different and every person would have his/her own way of trying to find the equilibrium between work and life. If ideas do not pop up in your head regarding the same then simply follow some from the aforementioned list.

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