What a Brand must have to run a PR Campaign.

Let’s start with the most basic question that would cross your mind if you are new to this ‘marketing stuff’ –  “What is a PR Campaign?

Well, a public relations campaign or a PR campaign is nothing but an activity that we do to make people aware of something in particular.

Now there are a number of ways to do this. I obviously would not suggest that you start shouting about it in public and hoping someone would come running to you begging for more information. No, that would come under public torture and not public relations. We would take a little more sophisticated and modern approach.

Let’s go through it step by step.

Get an aim

Start by first understanding what exactly you need to campaign about. Is it a company? A product? Or a celebrity? So, avoid being a miss-guided arrow when it comes to initiating your PR Campaign and get your aim set. 

After that, you need to know how many people your campaign should reach so that your efforts are rewarded. Trust us, you don’t want to be like the guy who does theatre and the only one who shows up is his mom as the audience.

So basically it would be good for you if you can do some math and average out the minimum number of people you need to reach.

Identifying the Target audience

Try to sell a comb to a group of bald men, it will probably land you with a broken comb and a bloody nose.

Understanding the type of people you need to reach with your campaign will also help your cause. Campaigns are successful when they are directed at the right kind of crowd. 

This will also help you save money. These campaigns aren’t exactly cheap and you need to spend more if you want to engage a higher number of people. Being smart about it and narrowing down your crowd will always help in many ways.

Instagram has the Explore page, and TikTok has the For You Page. The main question remains, who can do it better? The original? Or the copycat? If history is any indicator, Instagram might even win the fight.

Try to Understand the market

When we say ‘market’ we are not talking about the local grocery store down the lane. We are talking about the cumulative of everything related to buying, selling and purchasing out there. One needs to understand the demand and the supply before jumping into the abyss of marketing. 

Knowing what is trending and what will get people’s attention is crucial if you don’t want to end up spending all your money on failed campaigns.

Try not to be BORING

Printing out the name of your company on an A4 sheet with a phone number below it and sticking it to the pole in your neighborhood park will not get you anywhere. 

What it might get you is a barrage of prank calls and some perfect white sheets for children to scribble random abuses on.

It wouldn’t hurt for you to actually spend some money and hire a good creative content writer for these ads. Also, you should definitely get an experienced graphic designer to create the graphics instead of asking your cousin whose forte is to use the paint application on a Windows PC.

Remember, the better the content, the better engagement you’ll get from the viewers.

Using the platforms that matter

We bet you spend hours going through memes on Instagram or stalking people on Facebook. Well apart from being an excellent source to pass the time these social media platforms are the best for your PR Campaigns. 

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn can be your best friends if your aim is to reach people for advertising your business or products. Many successful businesses have risen from the dust after using these platforms in the right manner. You obviously need to know about these platforms in-depth to be able to use them correctly for such campaigns.

Knowing the steps to do something is easy but actually pulling it all off is not exactly a walk in the park. PR Campaigns are a valuable asset to many businesses and if pulled off in the correct manner they can turn dust into gold.

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