Do we really need an HR department? Breaking down the obvious.

Ever looked at your HR department and thought “what a bunch of freeloaders” or “they really have it easy”? 

Well, you won’t be the first to think that way and you definitely won’t be the first to be proved wrong.

An HR or an HR department is highly crucial for the smooth functioning of any office. It is quite hilarious to think that an institution can survive for very long without a Human Resource Department Function.. 

To get things straightened out, let’s have a look at the various responsibilities that we as HR’s have to take on so that the rest of you can do what you’re being paid for.


The employees are the backbone of a company and the main working force without which the company would not be able to function. The tedious and vital task of gathering this force is in the hands of the HR Department. Recruiting an employee for a job goes far beyond just simply looking at a resume. 

Hiring the wrong person can spell disaster and hiring the right one is simply looked at doing the job correctly. If this pressure was to be shared by other employees or even the CEO the results would be straight up amusing.


This process is usually taken lightly and is not given the importance it deserves. Onboarding is the process where a recruit is welcomed to the company and is briefed regarding the various aspects that are unique to the firm & are valuable at the same time.

Imagine hiring a person who has no idea that your company doesn’t allow phones on desks and this fellow simply starts talking to his mom regarding folding his laundry in the middle of the office. 

Thus ,onboarding is a necessary activity to increase productivity and to maintain order where necessary.

Managing Salaries

You might think it’s easy to manage the fixed salaries of all the employees but it is never that straightforward. You are not taking into account that employees take leaves every now and then. There are half-day leaves, full-day leaves and paid leaves. Then there is also the matter of increment and giving an occasional advance. 

Who do you think should be given all these responsibilities? Surely not Bob on your next desk who can’t even manage to keep his workspace in order. No, this job needs organization and time devotion which again points to HR.

Protecting Employees

If you ever try to man up and look past the jealousy and hate, you will see that HR is also your first line of protection from fired-up customers or an agitated boss.

When we say this is an HR Department Responsibility, we really mean it. Employees are human beings and they are bound to make mistakes. No one understands this better than the HR who shields these employees from harassment and becomes a bridge for communication between them and an agitated entity.

Improving Employee Performance

We know you get tired from the constant surveillance done by HR. Well, it’s HR’s job to constantly monitor your performance and see that you are performing as expected. 

So basically if you are being a burden on the company it’s the HR that will come to you and will set things straight in the best way possible. 

Maintaining Infrastructure

In an office, there are tons of different things that you use that come under ‘infrastructure’. Tables, laptops, computers, coffee machines and so on are just a few of the appliances that need to be taken care of. 

These items sometimes stop working or simply break. Guess who takes up the responsibility to replace or service them? Definitely not Joe who wants your job. 

It’s the HR who actually makes the effort to keep the infrastructure up to the mark. 

Joe would simply sit back and watch you deal with it while you struggle with work pressure and a faulty mouse.

It should be clear by now that HR takes up a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders as an employee and straightens out things that would be a complete mess otherwise. Even as a CEO you would have to rely highly on your HR for helping the office stay on track and functional with proper productivity.

Now that you know how important the HR Department is, I hope any of your perspectives change and moreover its all about respecting every profession.

I am sure the Importance of Human Resource is very clear by now as the above points do complete justice to their existence in the organisation.
Go & give some love and appreciation to the Unofficial Psychologist, Event planner, lawyer, teacher & PEACE MAKER.

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