Unloved but not Unnecessary!!- The Human Resources Department.

Heard about people losing their jobs during this pandemic? You must have.
But do you know that in the corporate sector there was a particular designation that was the worst hit because of the layoffs? It was the HR department.

This obviously was not a very well thought of move by the owners of those corporations. The reasons are many. Let’s go through the top 4 reasons in detail.

Recruiting for WFH

Remember how you waited in an orderly line for your interview with HR of the company? Remember how she was handling all the documents from all the candidates and assessing them?

Well, things have now changed. The ‘work from home’ regime has made it extremely difficult for companies to conduct these interviews. Without actual one-on-one interviews, it has become a dreaded task to pick up the best person for the job.
An HR can easily get the company through this but how is that possible when the companies either fire them or treat them like an unimportant asset?

Onboarding virtually

If you thought recruiting without an HR is tough, wait till you start hearing about onboarding.

Onboarding is a process where the new recruits are welcomed to a company and are made to settle into the company ethics and work environment to ensure maximum productivity.

So how does a company carry out this process without an HR?

Do they appoint another employee to handle the new recruit?

Who will cover up for the work that the employee misses out on?

Are they simply making a new HR out of this employee by giving him/her the same responsibilities?

If yes then why fire the original HR? Wouldn’t the original HR have done a much more efficient job?

Performance checks and guidance

Do you really believe that your fellow employee would simply give up on his job and spend all his time on trying to get your performance up to the mark? Well, if yes then you have a true friend but you can not simply bank on such a fluke to run a company.

You need an HR to help employees perform better for the company. No other person in the company would be able to help better than HR.

New salary processing

Employees used to take leaves for going home and then their salary was deducted accordingly. Now people are simply working from home. The point now is to keep a check on the number of hours they put it in. Constant surveillance needs to be done regarding the punctuality of various activities and job responsibilities.

Do we expect the CEO to do this? No, he’s got bigger responsibilities on his head.

Do we make the manager do this? If he spends time on this then who will do the actual managing?

Do we pick an employee to do this time-consuming work? Well, we could but then who will cover up for his work?

Again, an HR is the only person who can pull this off because this is what the designation was made for.

Managing infrastructure remotely

Probably one of the most underrated and invisible acts of HR is to take care of the infrastructure provided to the employees. Before the pandemic, it wasn’t exactly easy to make sure all desktops are working, the coffee machine is functional, the tables aren’t rocky, and AC works as it should. 

Now that the pandemic is here and the people have to work from their homes, this responsibility has become a nightmare. Even the smallest of the troubles like a glitching mouse is being reported to HR. For every query, HR has to make sure that the employees get door-to-door service. 

It is a mammoth of a task and one can not expect anyone but HR to be able to take out time for this and do this for the employees.

To sum it all up it is quite evident that HR is anything but disposable. Especially in the times of this pandemic, where managing the employees and their needs is 10 times more difficult. We simply cannot downplay the importance of the HR department. 

What’s the way out?/ The optimal Solution.

If I end the article here I would be like every other writer next door who pins out the problems but not the solutions.
In conclusion, let’s talk about what the optimal solution can be.

If I have to put myself as an example here I would say maybe I was lucky or I had the fortune to be trained as a Public Relation Specialist & a Brand Manager along with Human Resources.

This not only added value to my profession but also had a great impact on my personal & Professional Growth. My decisions are not limited to just recruitment or human resources but I play a vital role in other managerial decisions and my point of view is equally celebrated.

It’s not that being just a Human Resources Manager would lower down your value, but it is always good to have a little extra knowledge.

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