Eye Opener; Human Resource Titles Are Disappearing, Here’s Why

Human resources, if we talk from a corporate perspective, is nothing but a branch in a company that is responsible for handling the manpower or the employees of a company. While the employees are the actual workforce and backbone of the company, HR was responsible to build that backbone and keep it functioning smoothly.

It does seem like an important job, right?

But it is a fact that these job titles are somehow disappearing even though they explain the role quite well.

So why exactly are these titles not being used anymore?

Let’s answer this question along with some others.

Is the job of HR important?

To be very straightforward, the job of an HR department is quite crucial. You really can not do without it.

What are the responsibilities? Well let’s list some of the most crucial ones

These are probably the most important jobs and responsibilities assigned to the HR department. A company can not really function without someone taking up these responsibilities. So even though the job of an HR might look like nothing, it actually is quite the opposite.

Why are the titles disappearing?

There is no debate over whether these titles are really disappearing or not. They really are. The question is why?

Is it because they aren’t important?
No, we’ve already established that they are vital for a company.

Well, let’s face it, it’s a very obnoxious and offensive term.
We have been molded into accepting the word for what it is and being okay with it as a job title.

The term ‘human resource’ is the problem. Would you ever want to be called a resource?
A resource is mostly like water or oil or some commodity that we use like an orange.

Would you want to be compared to an orange? Would the senior executive be okay if he was called a mere resource?

Well of course not!

The term ‘human resource’ is basically a very practical title for a department that deals with the workforce of a company but it really does not align with the essence of humanity. Humans are much more than simple resources which neither have a life or a conscience. This is the reason why companies are slowly letting go of this term.

What are the alternatives?

So if using the term ‘human resource’ is not okay then what do we even use?

We can’t just drop such titles without having an apt replacement.

Well, there are companies who have already taken this step. Cisco decided to drop the offensive title and it now has a Chief People Officer. Airbnb decided to go with a Chief Employee Experience Officer.

Such creative titles which align with the essence of humanity and the basic decency towards the employees can be replaced with the title ‘HR’.

The future of HR

We have already established that there are many alternatives for the term ‘human resources’.

We also know that we can not just dump the role of HR as it is highly crucial for the functioning of a company.

Hence, the future of HR is very clear and very simple to comprehend. All that companies need to do is simply change the title and keep letting the department carry out work as usual.

Changing the title will not only help the employees feel more welcome but will also help them to approach HR for queries or other issues. This in turn will increase the company’s overall performance.

So, all in all, we do not really need to worry about the disappearance of HR titles. We have already established that the titles are disappearing because we simply have better and less-offensive alternatives to offer. The people working under the title will continue with the same job responsibilities but might end up feeling a lot better about their job after working under a different designation.

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